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Welcome to Super Petscop Deluxe PC Game Of A Year Edition 5, a GOAY version of Super Petscop Deluxe: PC 5.

Our first game, Petscop, had major success, as did the next four games, but Super Petscop Deluxe: PC 5 was our must successful game.

So we made a GOAY version of it.

For absolutely no fucking reason.



Up/Down/Left/Right/W/A/S/D: Move

B: Toggle building

SPACE: Place block

F: Toggle destruction

V: Destroy block

Q: Push block down*

E: Pull block up*

P: Push block away from you

O: Pull block towards you

* Applies to both building and destroying

hey guys ecto here this is fucking dead unless relows comes back and revives it, so in the meantime enjoy the final build that was posted in the discord:

Discord Link (https://discord.gg/5TP6SjW)

Development log


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